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Japanese Amp? Dac?

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I am currenlty in the market for a DAC and AMP. 

I live in Japan, but I am taking a trip to the states in 1 week. 

I am buying a set of V-moda M100s in the next couple days. 


I have the opportunity to pick up most gear in the USA at USA prices (which means CHEAPER!)


Get wait and get Japanese only gear in Japan. 


Stuff I consdiering. The Fiio e10 and e17. The Schiit Magni (possibly the Vali) and/or Modi. The Little Dot 1. (sorry O2/ODAC is just out side what I am willing to spend) 


So what about Japanese gear. There is soooooooooooooooo much stuff in Japan that isn't sold in the USA. Doesn't that mean its not as good if its not on the international market (the ATH-M50s for example are best-sellers in both countries)? Audio Technica has about 4 or 5 times the stuff on sale in Japan! I don't really trust Japanese people buying habits or their reviews either. They are FAR FAR too biased to Japanese products. (They REFUSE to sell Samsung anything even though they are heads and tails better than most of the crap Japanese companies are making these days like TVs and the such).


I came across this DAC and AMP combo. But there is no way to tell if its stacks up to the Schiit combo or the O2/ODAC combo 

Japanese price and page (about 200 bucks equal to what I would pay for the Schiit combo)




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I think there are many reasons why a mfr chooses not to export a product - and I don't think "because it isn't good" has to be one of them. It could be that the local retailers have demanded an exclusive product that is NOT available elsewhere. This keeps them from being undercut by countries with lower costs. Or, it could be that the mfr doesn't want to provide support for all of their products to other countries - and they want to limit the products they do have to support. The distributors and retailers in some countries may demand that the mfr have a local office to handle returns and repairs - and the mfr might not want to have to stock that small office in another country with all their products - or might not want to have to find a 3rd party company to handle it. Or, the mfr might need to get specific certifications for the equipment being sold in a particular country (FCC, UL, etc) and they don't want to spend the money to do that. It could be something as simple as not wanting to create packaging and marketing materials in multiple languages. The bottom line is that exporting products is complicated - VERY complicated - and it rarely has anything to do with the quality of the product.
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