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Best Student Headphones under $30

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I'm looking for the most comfortable full size headphones for 6th grade students under $30. Any ideas? Comfort (and durability) are more important than sound quality.



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For exactly 30 USD you can get the very well made and designed Philips CitiScape Downtown (30-35 USD on Amazon). All the colors are under thirty dollars, except for the brown model. I hear comfort is above average, along with good sound for the price. Quite a few color options as well.

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I don't remember seeing that it's been awhile, but can anyone speak on the comfort and durability of the monoprice 8323? It's inexpensive, with bulk discounts available too.
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What's the exact application?  The 8323 are not regarded as very comfortable for extended listening periods, particularly the headband.  I have a pair and find them fairly comfortable, but they could be better.  As far as durability, they are pretty sturdy, especially for the price-point you are looking at.

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