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MDR MA 900 additional equipment

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Hello guys i am the owner of Sony MDR-MA 900 and i am looking for additional stuff that can make my headphones sounds better i am using my samsung galaxy note for listening and started dl music in .flac format but as a new audophile i want "more"  :). Can u suggest me any additional equipment that can improve my listening and sound quality for reasonable price. Will using AMP or DAC help and how much it will help. 
P.S. Do i need different AMP for Low and High Dependency headphones couse i am planing getting some high dependency in the                 future probably so avoiding buying 2 different AMPs would be great :)

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I assume you high impedance (not "dependency") headphones.  I also assume--correct me if I am wrong--that you are looking for portable equipment to use with your phone.


The Sony does not need an amp, but powering it from a good DAC (I'm guessing your phone is not great in this department) and a quality (if not necessarily powerful) amp will improve what it gives you.  It's a very nice can in its price class.  Likewise improving the quality of the music you feed into it is a very good idea.


You will probably be well served by picking your higher impedance cans first and then deciding what amp (or amp/DAC) is the best pairing for them within your budget (which you also did not mention).

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The fallowing headphones i wont get so soon myb in a year or so and that would probably be 300 omhs headphones like hd650 dt990 etc... The budged is about 150 $ for now. The main goal is to get best money/sound quality ratio. It doesnt need to be portble but its a nice plus.

Is this dac and amp all in one or just a dac- fiio e07k
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Fiio e07k is a dac and amp. It won't give your new headphones all the power and drive they want, so you might want to look into getting a desktop amp for you upcoming headphones at some point. But it will probably be good for now.
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will eo7k be good for my current headphones mdr ma900? 

Can u suggest portable and deskopt dac/amp ?

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Schiit Magni or Vali.. Objective 2. Aune t1. The usuals pretty much.
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I have noticed they are all non portalble.
1)Does non portalbe provide much better sound quality/price ratio?
I looked the internet and have noticed next  

-Objective 2- postive: dont know much about it

                  negative: total cost 190$ without dac 

-schiit vali- positive: lots of positive comments,  
                negative: total cost 210$ its only an amp not amd and dac?, some says they dont work well all headphones, Suitable                                      headphone Impedance from 32ohms and mine are 12ohms (if this matter at all?)

 Aune t1 -positive: is dac and amp in same time if i am right

              -negative: total cost 270$, Suitable headphone Impedance from 32ohms and mine are 12ohms

So its hard decision if u think some of this is an excellent product for the price and are excellent match for my headphones and will be excellent for my future headphone pick i could extend the budget but otherwise they seem not perfectly fit for my needs. 

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Sorry, I have no personal experience. I have just read that you'd want a little more than what a fiio e17 delivers to drive the higher impedance beyers and sennheiser hd6xx series, which was what I thought when owning the beyerdynamic dt880 as well.. Where do you live?

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do you want to continue using your smartphone as a source, or something else?

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i am not sure  i looked up for some cheap sansa clip zip everyone talking about but i am not sure will it make noticeable difference to me. For now i think i will just use my gakaxy Note or myb will get that cheap sansa clip zip if u suggest getting one. Later i could switch but i am not sure which device should i use for listening and whats the cost of it and how much difference will it make i dont want to spend too much money for a little boost

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If you want a portable device, the fiio x3 doubles as dac/amp for pc use and a portable player. Just throwing it out there.

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i am not suggesting you to use sansa clip+( you could, but it's upto you)


however i do suggest you to change your media player in case you use the stock one.

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I would always pick nonportable if they will do the job noticably better but if its only a minor difference in sound qualty i would go for portable for the about same money

I am using poweramp player and neutron mostly listening to .flac classical and vocal like bochelli but what concern me is thah i sometimes hear distorzions (i hope this is a good word , like phones can handle a tone and vibrate ) whats the reason for this? Would u tell me what would u do on my place what would u get first dac or amp or some playing device and which one would u pick. Best for money thaht can last. Tnx for the answers btw
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I have a very good experience with MA900 + HRT microStreamer.

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The distortion can be caused for many different reasons. First off, post a song where you hear the distortion if you want to get to the bottom of this, please.

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