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New headphone time ^_^ £250gbp, maybe more...

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Hey all =D

So I just left my Audio Technica CKS1000 iems on the bus +_+

I am now in the market for new headphones, and I think that this time around I would like some full cans.

I've previously owned Beyer, Velodyne, and Audio Technica iems, and Audio Technica M50s since stepping up from regular consumer fare.

My musical preferences have evolved to the point where I would now consider myself a basshead (but only where bass is relevant). Although I listen to metal, rock, pop, punk, and classical tracks, overwhelmingly I seem to now be listening to dubstep, dnb, electro; so primarily EDM.

I like my music with clear treble, good mids, though not too worried if they are slightly recessed, and excellent bass and sub-bass. Sub-bass makes me happy.

When I set up eq settings on Poweramp on my phone, I'm usually boosting bass and treble, and leaving the mids more flat, so kind of a smiley shape.

I am a bit of a magpie; I like shiny things, so the appearance of the new headphones will play a minor role in my decision making process, although my listening pleasure is ultimately all important.

I will primarily be listening to things from my phone (HTC One) when I'm out and about (cycling, gym, working, walking about) but also on laptop for games, movies, music while stationary.  My budget is around £250, although I could push to £300 for something that is sexy enough both physically and aurally.

In my own research, I have found the Audio Technica PRO700MK2s, and the V Moda M100s, although I'm not so certain about the ATs as they look virtually identical to the M50s I owned. The M100s look Super awesome, but I've yet to see them compared to much in the sound department and have seen mixed opinions regarding clarity.  With no point of reference versus my own headphone history I can't extrapolate the available opinions into anything useable.

So I guess I'm fishing for suggestions on cans with bass that extends right down to the basement, providing both excellent quality and quantity, with great clarity and detail on the treble, good portability and build quality due to using them pretty much everywhere and don't look old school.  Perhaps sound quality like my CKS1000s but with more bass? Don't know.

Is this a moon on a stick scenario or do I have options? =) Would the M100s be suitable sound quality wise?  Feature wise they look superb, especially the ability to add a mic to them for when I am gaming.  Are there better options at the price or cheaper?  Your input would be very greatly appreciated =)  Please bear in mind that I know virtually nothing about daps, amps or dacs, so if any are required or recommended because they make a huge difference then please let me know, and I will have to start new lines of research! ^_^


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You should also consider Yamaha HPH-Pro 500. Here you have a detailed review:



I own Yamaha HPH-200 Open Air On Ear headphones and Yamaha EPH-100 (IEMs), both are very good. Warm with punchy bass but also detailed and forgiving.


Best Luck!

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Thank you, I will look into them =) Anybody else with any suggestions or know much about the M100s? =)
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Read the review; the sound signature of these certainly sounds like my kind of thing.  Excellent bass, clear and lively mids and trebles.  Will certainly be taking these into account, thanks for the tip =)


Anybody else with other alternatives, or first hand experience of the V-Moda M100 cans? =)

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I don't have any experience with V-Moda M100. Based on measurements (from innerfidelity) it's pretty clear that M100 are intended for bass-heads. They have +10dB between 20Hz and 150Hz. On the other hand, Yamahas Pro 500 look more neutral in comparison and their mids don't measure really recessed.


Based on Total Harmonic Distortion measurements, V-Moda M100 have slightly less distortion in the bass between 20Hz and 150Hz, but slightly more distortion in the mids between 200Hz and 2000Hz.

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Thanks very much for the info =) I will see if I can find somewhere to try them both out; no easy task!
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