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I got out of speakers a few years ago when I gave up on the acoustics of the only usable room in our old house. I might however move by year end or early next year due to a job opportunity and perhaps apply to start my PhD, and suffice to say wherever I'm moving speakers are kosher until from 6am to 10pm, and I won't have the same acoustic issues in my house now. Neither the space nor budget are big enough for a Cayin CDT23, Unison Research Unico, and Aurum Cantus Volla; plus I'm intrigued by the newer digital DAC-amps in the market and I've decided to build a system around the Wadia 151 thanks to its low price nowadays. However, just a couple of questions that I couldn't get any answers to using Google search:

1) Would anyone know if the Wadia 151 works with Android OTG and iOS CCK? I've still got mostly 16/44 files anyway, so instead of spending even around $100 on an Android miniPC (which I can't even be sure if they can play high-res through the optical output based on what I read from a quick browse of Google results), I can use devices I already have (and use on my headphone rig) while saving up for a proper FLAC music server. And no, I'm not using my laptop - I hate seeing cables on my equipment (can't be helped with headphones of course) and mine have the USB ports on the sides.



2) Anyone tried the Wadia 151 with any Focal-JMLab Chorus speakers? The 706V and 806V are on sale on Music Direct right now, and at original MSRP I might look at other speakers even though I like Focal. I won't be buying yet, I'd still like to get some ideas (or assurance) that the Wadia 151 does not suck driving either speaker. Local distributor for both Wadia and Focal don't have a ready 151 and 706/806 in their mall showroom, and since I don't intend to buy these from them (since I'm moving to another country) I don't want them to have someone take a these from the warehouse just for a demo.