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Hello everyone this is my first time posting here so don't act too harsh if i seem like a complete amateur in terms of audio headphones.


I am looking for a multipurpose high quality pair of headphones to use for to listening to music , watching movies on my macbook and playing games on my ps3.


I found a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 on my local classifieds for 125 $ but the problem is they are apparently 2-3 years old. I would like to know if these headphones are reliable and would still last of considerable amount of time even if they are 2-3 years old. Their is also another guy selling a brand new one for 230 $ but i don't really think i would be ready to spend that much. I also found the option to get the lower model (HD 558 for 130 at my local future shop) or the older model (HD 595) for 150 $ on classifieds.


I would also take any other recommendation of good headphones that would be a better alternative.


also a quick last thing would someone be able to link me or let me know the easiest way to link the headphones to my ps3. The only way I would know of is to link them to the astro gaming mixamp.


The only experience I have would headphones are the sony xb and some crappy gaming headset that broke ( Tritton ax pro)


thank you any help would be much appreciated.