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still can't decide, maybe waiting for the new Fiio X5? Or just buy a portable amp for my IPC?
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This is true however I no longer have the dx50 as I sent it back to ibasso. It is still a great piece and once the firmware issues are resolved the only other issue is the slight hiss with sensitive iems.

I have never owned a fiio dap and likely never will. I am not a fan of any of their dap layouts that I have seen.

I loved my cowon S9 and J3 however the D3 Plenue wasn't much to write home about.

After sending the dx50 back I ordered a Hibino hdp-r10.
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If you have the money there is no sense in waiting for the next best thing. Only about 605 US after purchased from Amazon Japan and using the tenso forwarding service.
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i'm also need an answer so that haha

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any more opinions?

i really dont know which one to choose haha

could you give me pros and cons

or what would you choose as avrage user?

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Have been using Fiio X3 for almost 5 months and I absolutely feel great with it. Dark, silent background, easy-listening midrange and attentive treble. Comes up with DAC functions and why have to think twice :D 


Cowon is a good option but just for people who like ... EQ-ing. If not, with the normal ( Flat settings ), it sounds nothing special. Now let's think ... do you want to use EQ for each of your songs? I bet the answer is NO. If Iriver give Cowon products the functions to save presets for individual song, then it's nothing to complain here. 


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Find people who you know that own each of the respective items, and test them. Lol.

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