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Closed Circumaural Headphones for Music w/ Modi/Magni Combo

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I couldn't fit the whole description in the title, but that's the gist.  I have been enjoying my Vsonic GR07 BE IEMs but occasionally they are a hassle or irritate my ears.  It's a pain to pull them out and seal them back up if I'm interrupted a lot.  My ears are sensitive as it is, so adding foreign objects isn't always a good idea.  So now I'm looking for some big-boy headphones.  


I know open headphones would probably be better because of the sound quality and breathability, but I don't want to broadcast my music through the office, so I'm sticking to closed headphones.  What I want is very good sounding, and decent isolating closed circumaural headphones that can take advantage of the Schiit DAC and amp I have.  The budget is right around $150.  I always like the idea of something that outperforms its price class.  I have been eyeing the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm.  The 80 Ohm might be good too.  I like the idea of replaceable/detachable cables for different uses, though.  I'd probably use a short cable for work and a longer one at home.  Extension cables might take care of that, so maybe it's not that big of a deal.  What else should I be looking at?  

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What sound signature would you like?
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

What sound signature would you like?


Something similar to the GR07 BEs would be nice.  It has been hard to make any kind of comparison between IEMs and full-size headphones using the frequency response graphs I have seen.  Maybe neutral, tending toward a slight V or U shape.  I don't like overpowering bass, but I want the bass to be there when the song calls for it.  I wouldn't like shrill, very forward highs as that seems like it could get fatiguing.  

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Well the DT770 isn't what you want.
At $150, the only neutral (somewhat neutral) headphones would be:
ATH A900x (kind of neutral, but with a warm tilt)
K550 (close to neutral, kind of light on the bass)
SRH 840 (good, neutral, not the best you can get)
SRH 750DJ (neutral, with a slight u, good sound stage)
V Moda M 80
ES FC300 (I'll have them tomorrow to give impressions, but they seem neutral)
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How would you describe the DT770?  

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Dt 770: Great headphones.
The bass is definitely emphasized, though it isn't distracting. The bass kind of have that open headphone bass, which I find preferable. The bass is properly distributed, however, it isn't quite as tight as some of it's competitors (mainly the k550, m80, A900x). The lower mids are a little recessed, resulting in a hallow midrange. The vocals could do with some weight.

The soundstage, detail, imaging, clarity, and sparkle are fantastic though. However, the A900x I think beats it overall in balance and musicality. It has that audio Technica musical sound balance, without any offensive emphasis.

The DT770's bass improves with amping, so with an e11 or schiit magni, you've got something special.

You can try the A900x at best buy.
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I have the Magni/Modi combo already.  I was hoping to find something that would benefit from using those.  I have come across the AKG K550 in my looking around before.  Definitely interesting.  I'll check out those suggestions and maybe try to get to a Best Buy soon.

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After doing a LOT more reading and staring at test data I think I like what I see with the NAD Viso HP50. The original budget was loose anyway. smily_headphones1.gif The styling isn't really my cup of tea but I can probably get over that. That narrow headband seems like it could be uncomfortable. Any others I should consider?
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There are tons of other cans. The HP50 should be good.
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