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OK so my current portable rig is in my signature. 5.5G iMod. 128GB SD card in a Couple adapter. Fiio E17 amp, and I use it to drive Beyerdynamic DT880 250Ohm cans. I love this setup. I also use it more on the go with my Bose IE2 ear buds.

I hate spending so much time with my DT880s, and moving to the Bose IE2s. They don't sound as clear, Tones sound a bit muffled. Maybe it's their tendency to be bass heavy.

I love the clarity of the DT880s.

What are some ear buds to consider? My budget would be about $250. I like a good amount of treble. I'm not a bass head, but I like the presence of bass. Basically I want clarity above all else. Accuracy.

The reason I like the Bose IE2s is their comfort, and how well the work when I go for a 10+ mile run, or am in the gym. They never come out of my ears.

Let me know if anything comes to mind. I may swing over to the for sale threads and do some browsing. Maybe find something cabled in silver tongue.gif

Thanks guys!

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