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I purchased a Schiit Magni a few months ago for use in my office set-up. I am using it to exclusively drive a pair of Mad Dogs (and in the future, I will probably alternate between Mad Dogs and Alpha Dogs). My source is a DX50 and DAC is a Peachtree DacIt, both of which I am happy with for both their performance and size. When I look at the chain, I feel the Magni is the one piece that can be upgraded to level up the rig.


So in the $500-$1000 range (closer to $500!), what would be a similar but better amp be to use in place of the Magni to drive the Mad Dogs/Alpha Dogs? My set-up is fairly warm, so I am not feeling any vocal harshness that I feel with the Magni sometimes in other setups. I had considered Violectric V200 before, but that is considered a warm amp.


Also, I have experience with the Schiit Lyr, but the sound signature is totally different from the Magni. It is warmer, regardless of which tubes I use. The same rig sounds veiled on it slightly. I prefer the Magni, to be completely honest.


Is the Burson Soloist SL worth consideration? How about the Asgard II?


Also, set-up is single-ended, so no SPL Auditor. :(