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I just received the e09k + e17 combo. I have one issue, though. Everything works great until I put my computer to sleep and come back later, then "dock in" mode doesn't work (no audio). Meanwhile, "aux in" still works. The issue isn't fixed until I reboot my computer. This issue is reproducible.

To provide more information, I have the FiiO-E17 ASIO Driver installed. My e09k is plugged into power, firewire to USB, pre-out to subwoofer (Logitech 2.1 computer speakers), aux to back of computer, headphones to 1/4" input in front, and e17 docked and detected (I can see it in my audio sources).

When I switch the e09k to "aux in," sound comes out of both my computer speakers and my headphones. When I switch it to "dock in" and set my default playback device on my computer from my speakers to "SPDIF OUT: Fiio USB DAC-E17", no sound comes from the speakers nor headphones. Again, if I reboot my computer the "dock in" switch will work (meaning the e17 works), supplying sound to both the headphones and the speakers.

I've tried unplugging and reconnecting all of the cables, undocking and redocking the e17, and turning off and on the e17. I have also tried using line-out instead of pre-out to no avail.

Can anyone with this setup provide some insight? I don't want to leave my computer on all the time, and I don't want to have to reboot or full shutdown & startup every time I use my computer.



Reached out to Fiio support. They were speedy in their response.

Thanks for your mail and support to FiiO!

Kindly inform you that, if the computer is in sleep, it will stop to transfer data via USB port. So if you activate your computer when it is in sleep, you can't get sound output from USB port. If you activate computer when it is in sleep, we suggest you can try to reconnect E09K with computer and reopen the music software. And adjust the volume so that you can hear the sound. If the problem still not be sloved, maybe the methods for sloving this problem is reboot your computer or keep your computer from sleeping.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us! Have a nice day! _^

Best Regards, FiiO Customer Service

And another thing, despite being able to reproduce this issue multiple times, I woke up this morning and woke up my PC. Dock in mode is working this time, so I'm not sure what the difference is now.

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