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Question on Audeze LCD 2

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I'm a rookie in Head-fi related stuffs.


But I think I have decent ears. My audio background is: mixing engineer for studio and live.


I recently got into head-fi gears and I have listened to Senn. HD-600, HD 700, and few others that I could demo in Bestbuy and GT center.


Based on lots of research (when I tried Senn. 700, and Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro, I realized that my ears do not agree with harsh? airy? sounding headphones; I almost bought HD 650 but it left me with wanting more transient attacks in treble) and saving money, I decided to buy Audeze LCD 2.


Few reasons I went with the LCD 2 are: consistent good reviews from Head-Fi community, good low-extension, smooth mid, and "warm"



Anyhow, I got my LCD 2 last week and I absolutely love the sound! Complete Ear-gasm!


But to my ears, it wasn't warm at all. Treble is well behaved but the sound was not something that I was expecting (to my ears, it is lot brighter than HD 650, almost like HD 700 but smoother without fatiguing sibilances




Hoping that Audeze produces consistent units, how is LCD 2 supposed to sound compare to HD 650? Little bit brighter or lot brighter? 




I currently do not have a headphone amp other than old Marantz amp: Model 1152 DC (compare to headphone jack from Apogee One, my old Marantz added too much color; so I decided not to use it... :( I currently use headphone out from Apogee One).


Can you recommend me a headphone amp/dac under $500 that could bring out full potential of LCD 2 and sounds smoother at top?


Thank you for helping this noob.

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Try audio gd stuff.


LCD2 used to be very warm at first but has went through progressive iterations making it gradually brighter each time.

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