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I am not sure which speakers are better. Price-wise, they are both pretty cheap ($50-$40), but I do not know much else about the VS4621. 

There are mixed reviews elsewhere but I would like to hear from you all as people's opinions on Head-Fi prove to be most reliable.




(I would like bass to the point of feeling it but not to the point of things falling off the desk. I live in a dorm so I don't want complaints from people all the way down the hall. My roommates do not mind so it can be enough where the roommate next door can feel the bass through the connecting wall.


Sound quality is important but I could use headphones for that.


Mainly, I would like to use the speakers for movies and music. Music-wise, I'd want to use the speakers for bass and would like if the speakers would be able to play low bass loudly.

Movie-wise, I do not want the bass to overpower dialogue, etc.


I heard on Amazon that the bass of VS4621 is "distorted" but an user had mentioned a easy solution to that: )






tl;dr: Is it better to buy the Altec Lansing VS4621 Octane 7 or the Altec Lansing VS261? Pros/cons? Are there better speakers around the same price?

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