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Chrome, Foobar and C-Media USB driver issue

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I just got a WA7 and using the USB connection for now. I'm using foobar in ASIO output mode as the WA7 is using C-Media USB chip and I just can't use KS for it.


The issue comes while I'm using chrome. Occasionally when I open a new tab in chrome, I can hear some glitches, if I keep opening new tabs really quick, the music stream will be interrupted. I already increase the latency to the max 50ms but still can't avoid this issue...


I also tried all possible output mode DS, WASAPI push (event mode has some issue), all of them has the same issue if I open new tabs in chrome.


The reason why I think the C-Media USB driver may be the reason of the issue is I have a ODAC which is not using C-Media chip and can be recognized by windows directly. And it can use KS mode in foobar. It never had the issue no matter how fast I open the new tabs in chrome.


Also the reason why I think chrome is part of this is even though I use C-Media USB ASIO driver in foobar to use the WA7, the firefox and IE don't have the glitches issue no matter how fast I open new tabs...


Has any body get the same issue? Any idea of fixing this? I use chrome and foobar for really long time, don't want to just change to something else.



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Try using LatencyMon to narrow down the problem.

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Thanks, the results show that the longest latency came from Direct X graphic kernel and NDIS 6.3 driver... No idea at all, but both are microsoft junk for sure. What a shame my system has 8 cores and 16gb ram but can't handle realtime audio processing

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the monitor suggest me to turn off the WLAN which does help a lot but I can't just stop using network. Also an interesting thing is if I use KS mode for ODAC, even though the latency is the same high from the monitor, there is no issue heard from the headphone, which proves that KS is better than ASIO and WASAPI in this case. But unfortunately I can't use KS for my WA7... is there a way to do it? Maybe c media usb driver just doesn't support that... 

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Although I love chrome, it uses much more resources than IE and firefox, every time I open chrome or a new tab in chrome the latency record jumps, IE and firefox doesn't make the latency increase a lot.


Anybody know some good ways to deal with this?

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The only way I find now is to manually change the process priority of the ASIO and foobar to real time which by default is high, assign it to core7 (any core you want to just process your music) and don't let bad boy like chrome to touch that core. The result is obvious but very inconvenient as you need to set it up every time... 

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Try using a different USB port. If all else fails, try adding a dedicated USB 2.0 add-on card (preferably with a NEC chip) and plug your DAC on port 1 there. Do not use the USB card for anything else. This solved many of my USB audio issues in the past.
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Also look to updated drivers for your WLAN (what is the model number of you WLAN).

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Thanks, but I'm using an AIO pc so there is no place to add new pcie cards... I tried to change usb ports, it seems to have a little bit difference for the ASIO mode but the KS mode for the ODAC just works fine all the time

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It is Realtek RTL8188CE WLAN 802.11b/g/n PCIE NIC. I updated the driver but the latency is still very high

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Maybe I should just listen to the ODAC while I'm surfing the web and switch to WA7 when I do some book reading... For my W1000x, the difference is not big at all, I'm wondering whether I can tell the difference if I do some blind test. Price has big difference though, maybe WA7's potential needs stand alone source or better headphone? More fun to upgrade gears in the future

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a couple of other things you could try.


Update the chipset drivers or try plugging the USB WLAN in to a USB hub, maybe your monitor has one built in?

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Just update the chipset driver from intel, haven't got a chance to buy a new WLAN USB dongle... My old Thinkpad T61 didn't have any latency issue when I was back in school... 

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have you checked for a bios update for your AIO?

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Not yet, not sure lenovo has the update or not, shame on them, it's been more than a year after windows 8 released but still no driver to control the monitor brightness and TV card and I can't upgrade to 8.1 because of some then undriven device.

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