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I used Westone UM3X's for a number of years, and was quite happy with the sound signature and the comfort. When one channel went dead, I was unfortunately feeling strapped for cash and convinced myself that I could live with a considerable downgrade: the Shure SE 215's. OK, I'll admit it, this was a bad idea. They probably aren't bad IEM's, but, after the Westones, they sounded clotted and dead. And I hated the cables, which persisted in sticking out from the back of my ears.


So, a year after the Shure purchase, I'm back here reading feverishly. I had always been tempted by custom IEM's, but the prices scared me away. Then I read some reviews of the 1964 Ears V3, and was enthralled. Upgradeitis, and some reports of boomy base, took me up the ladder to the V6's.


I listen to a fairly wide range of music: acoustic jazz (with some emphasis on piano), classical (with some emphasis on chamber music), classic rock (with a tilt toward roots / Americana). 


Are the V6's a good choice for that profile? Are there other choices in the $ ballpark (going downward, not up)?


Thanks for your advice!