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So for the past two weeks I have researched and learned thanks to so many of you. I recently purchased the d600 and liked them cannot comment to much because they went back fast. The headband I did not like how it fit loose on my head. Sound wise what I gathered was nice. I really liked the bass they had so needless to say this thread has been encouraged by those.

I have had my momentum over ear for a few days (music,games) now and I must say I really do enjoy their sound. Overall very pleasing with a definite presence of bass emphasis which I personally like. I really like the overall somewhat warm to me sound experience however I do not get a great immersive experience or soundstage I would like. I guess I am wanting a more fun can with the smoothness still there while bass is improved.

I am curious based off of what little I could provide if anyone has a similar situation in the past and what they thought. By the way I am using straight out the iPad or if at home using the total bithead amp set on high gain. And as far as price 500 for phones 250 for amp thinking ifi ican. For gaming will use astro mix amp.