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Need a good portable set

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So I travel on the bus a lot, and my current headphones are insuffcient for traveling (HD 558). What is a good pair of headphones that is compact, noise canceling, but still good quality in the $100 range.
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Are the ATH M-50 any good?
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Depending on the Price, and what Sounding you like.

They have a nice Dark sounding with a strong Bassimpact. Kicks also great. Its awesome for Rock, Metal, Rap and something like that. But it wouldnt be my first choice for something like Jazz or Classic. Its not Neutral, it has a bassy sounding, and the Soundstage is very.... small.


Also, they Earcups are rotateable, which is very nice, and foldable. But the Cable is 3m long (M50s / "s" = Straight Cable). Even with a spiral cable (M50) it shouldnt be very comfortable for portable use. If it doesnt bother you, go for them.


If you can find the M50(s) for 100$, its a great price. They go here for 110-150€ (which is like 140-190$.)

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You can find the UE6000 on sale for $100 or less. Portable, fordable, closed, noise-cancelling. You won't find any other pair of headphones in this price range that does all of this. Retailed at $200, so the price now is a steal.


That would be the perfect pair of headphones for you. The white is quite sexy too.


you're welcome :tongue:

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