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Minneapolis meet Jan 26, 2014 - Page 6  

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Is this place also referred to the geek partnership society. When I type it into MapQuest this what comes up. Hopefully everyone will be showing up a little early like noon or there after. I don't have a lot to bring but can not wait to try everyone else's .
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Yes it is known as the Geek Partnership Society I should be there before noon to get the room and people can start coming in at noon possibly a little earlier but we have the room from noon to six. Entrance is on the east side of the building and entrance C is closest to room 107 (just a couple doors down on the right).

See everyone tomorrow be careful as they are saying 2-4in of snow overnight.

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Had a great time at the meet, nice meeting others with the same interests as well as trying a lot of gear that I would love to have. We need to schedule another meet in the near thing I know is I need more gear, it was interesting seeing all the non-portable gear, maybe I need to invest in some of that.
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Yeyawww, good meet guys!

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Yup good times!
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