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Ok so I’ve had my Bryston BHA-1 all of 3 weeks and resurrected my life as a semi-serious head-fier after a hiatus of 5 years or so.

Spending hours with my past collection of phones; those being the AKG K501s, AKG701s (balanced), Senn HD 580s (600 grills w/ nylon mesh mod, balanced) and Grado SR325is, the BHA-1 bring out the best and the faults of each phone.

I like neutrality but find myself reaching more for the Senns, probably due to the encroaching winter months as they remind me more of cozy ear muffs :), but their rich (warm) mid-range and bass is currently more enticing than the others on hand.

The Grados and AKGs being more neutral sounding but still impart a signature, the AKGs have a more reticent, distant centre image with less bass, and the Grados falling behind the others but only because of the less expansive sound stage but IMO the better chameleon.

So here’s my gripe; with my speaker set-up running my Dynaudio Special 25s powered by a Bryston 4BSST and source Bryston BCD-1, each recording is distinctively different from tonality, sound stage, ambience etc, etc,

the Special 25s impart no overall signature of their own and make me feel I’ve been transported to a different venue or sound studio with each recording.

With each headphone I’m constantly reminded of their individual characteristics, not unpleasant but the illusion is not complete,

and without access or time to try all the current offerings I’d be interested to know which of the current offerings of headphones produce a similar disappearing act if possible.

Haven’t heard any of the planar models and my time with the HD800 was limited and not under optimum conditions, the new AKG K812s may be another contender or even the higher end Grados, so which ones should I focus on, I want it all though; staging/depth, ambience, focus and bass.

Keep in mind that a neutral system IMHO is anything but cold; a rich full bodied recording should be portrayed as just that but a Spartan, sterile performance ought to come across completely differently.

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