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Hi, I have been looking around and decided to jump in and ask for advice.


I am looking for a pair of headphones for a variety of uses:


Listening on the go - commuting on the train from time to time - using my iPhone

Listening at home - using iPhone, laptop and HiFi (Marantz PM6002 and CD6002)

Sound desk at church - setting levels and monitoring

Recording in my home studio (much less frequent than other uses)


In terms of genre I listen to jazz and rock, I am a saxophonist so it is important that jazz (and saxophone) sounds good.


I am currently deciding between Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium, Sennheiser HD25 ii and Sennheiser Momentum Over Ears (also considering the on ears), although I am open to other suggestions. I am keen on fairly accurate representation but a little lost with all of this! I have listened to my mates Sennheiser HD25 ii and they do go loud enough with my iPhone, although due to the fact that I listen to some fairly old recordings as well as new stuff it can be a bit hissy but I guess thats par for the course with old recordings.


Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing your suggestions.