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Volume Imbalance on Sony MH-1C, Will recabling solve it?

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I own Sony MH-1C, lately as some of you know, its suffering from volume imbalance, with right earbud louder than left earbud. Today just to clear my doubt, I generated a mono tone from Audacity and played it, I can here the imbalance clearly, but here is the interesting bit, when i set the slider of Left at Zero and Right at 100%, still some sound can be heard on the left earbud (remember right= louder when set at equal level). I just want to know will recabling it will solve this, is this earphone's driver fault or the cable's, Ive checked from other sources too, same story there. Im afraid I cannot buy these in my country, as these are not available anymore. Please provide your valuable comments.


Thank you.

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The left and right are separate physical connections. If you pan hard right you shouldn't hear anything in the left. What are you panning with? The player?
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no, from windows sound mixer i.e. from sound properties>levels>balance

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Probably the tip filters. They're stick on. Carefully remove them and see if they then balance. Your's doesn't sound like a cable problem. Anybody know if you can get replacement filters?

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i removed them, still no improvement :(

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Did you try removing the foam behind the filters too - might be worth a shot. My first pair of MH1s ended up with very low sound on both sides after a couple of days of use. I tried recabling them but it didn't help. Turned out the filters were faulty - when I removed them the sound level was fine .... but they sounded too bright and not as smooth. Ended up using them with one side of the filters slightly lifted + the upper treble boosted a little, and they sounded pretty good. I have a new pair now but it would be great if I could get some replacement filters for the old pair.

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yes i did that, but it didnt help. i think its the driver problem, can you please tell me where i can buy them, im from India

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I'm from India too. You can get an MH1 (not MH1C) for about Rs 2000 from an ebay-india sellar:




These ship with only one extra pair of tips - I got 8 extra pairs with my MH1s from an ebay-uk seller. If you want a pair with more tips you can try asking this ebay-ie (Ireland) seller how many spare tips they include. They're almost the same price including shipping:





Then, either:


1) get one of the adapters mentioned on the main MH1 thread, .... or


2) do a fairly simple mod either at the remote control unit or at the jack (details in the main thread) .... or


3) recable (a bit of a pain coz the wires are so fine)


Much cheaper than getting the MH1Cs today :)

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