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Help with over-ear's under 250$

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Hi, I'm looking to buy my first high quality headphones, and I'm really stuck with all the choices there are.


My budget is around 250$.


I'll be using them for PC - music (flac, alac), gaming and movies mainly (with build-in god-awful realtek audio at first), as well as ipod alac's. All genres of music, no preference on that.


In-home listening mainly, with rare outside usage during summer trips.


Not really sure about open/closed, as I've never had a chance to compare how much of a difference in sound quality that makes. Guess I'd prefer a closed one, so they dont leak that much. But anyway, the sound quality is what I'm looking for.


The comfort is a must. I've heard the ath-m50, and I liked the sound of them, but they feel very hot after 20-30 min. which is the deal breaker to me. (Well I could go for the m50's, but I thought there might be some better options at ~250$)

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You should consider Shure Srh 840. Their sound is detailed and pretty natural. Good confort, extra pads and detacheable cable. Solid all rounders!

I've read good things about Soundmagic HP100 but I haven't tried them.

Best Luck!
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Go for the Sennheiser's HD 598. They're open, but the soundstage and clarity are great. Also, they've got enough bass imo (you can amp them for more bass if you want. They're also VERY comfortable (velour padding, very light and your ears won't get super hot because it's open)

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You have to listen to both open and closed headphones, the differences are pretty extreme, IMO. I have the M50s and I agree with you on the discomfort after 30 minutes or so. I have heard great things about the Sennheiser HD 598s and I might get them for myself soon. If they are a step up from the ATH-AD700 then comfort will not be a problem and sound will be great. Most open headphones will initially sound lacking in the bass area, but you will soon realize your hearing clearly defined instruments instead of equalization by the headphones and if you still want a little more bass you can add it with your own equalization. 


One note, in my opinion, once you go into higher headphone quality your going to start to notice ipod and regular pc sound will struggle to make them sound the best. A DAC and headphone amp will go a long way. 


Hope this helped.

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Thanks for suggestions everyone! I'll make sure to check them out at local store this weekend.

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