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Ross Stores (USA) Deals Thread - Who Got What and Where

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Did you find a great deal at a Ross store near you? If so, post here and not the main deals thread.

Let us know:

-How many you bought
-How many are left
-Where in the store if they were hard to find or oddly located

-Anything else interesting you noticed (that you didn't buy )

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Bought 1
None left
Ft Collins CO
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Curse you for finding that... now I'll probably have to go to another Ross after striking out today. :blink:

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BA200 for me as well. Still have another Ross to hit up tomorrow but I ran out of time.

If I find a double of anything, I'll return the favor to a few lucky members as long as they can pay for shipping.
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Found a BA200 in Lakewood, CO (none left).  It was opened so they gave it to me for $15.  No pieces were missing and the earbuds were brand new.  These sound great (albeit, not for bassheads) - very clear and comfortable.  I rarely find in-ear's that work well with my ears, but these literally disappear after 2 minutes of putting them on.  It seals well too, almost paranoid that I'm not hearing something going on around me that I need to hear. lol


My heart almost sank when I also saw a Fidelio L1, but the price was $159.99.

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Keep me in mind if you find another BA200!  For anyone in AZ, there's nothing at the Chandler location so don't waste your time there. I'll hit up another tomorrow.

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Checked the Lawrenceville/Princeton NJ store, just the usual junk, no good deals.

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I picked up two BA200's for $25 at the Ross in southern utah on my way through.

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Someone will to sell me one to Canada :/?

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I was in Ross today in Goleta, CA and they had nothing but ifrogz and other junk. The Sony ZX100 & ZX300 at Ross were more than they cost at Amazon.
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Just left the Ross in Idaho Falls, ID and they had 2 tdk eb950s for 19.99. I left them there if you're interested. Not a bad deal, but not like you other Joes scoring the BAs smily_headphones1.gif
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I asked a friend to check for tdk in katy tx said he did not see any of the models.
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retwriting my thread to cover what OP asked for


store: Camarillo, CA

TDK IEMs left: none (they had none at all)

other interesting items: nothing besides some sony IEMS that were low end


store: Thousand Oaks, CA

TDK IEMS bought: 1 BA200,

TDK IEMS left: 0 (got the only one)

other interesting items: They had a couple of Sony XB headphones (400 and maybe 600?) for fairly cheap


I asked a employee at the Thousand Oak store and he said they get shipments on Wednesday, but said normally stores only get 1-3 of these types of items (higher end headphones).

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No luck at Ross in Santa Clara, CA. Going to try Milpitas, CA

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Scored two BA200s for $19.99 each at the Tanasbourne store in Beaverton, Oregon. I didn't see anymore but I stopped looking so I'd stop buying them. Ironically this is one of the models I considered in my recent $100 IEM search. I got a Shure SE215 locally so went with that. Like the Shure a lot but probably woulda liked this one too (especially for $20)! Anyway son needed a pair for Christmas and I'll figure out what to do with the other. 


EDIT: I totally forgot that originally I was looking for the TDK IE800 so there could be some of those there. Once I saw the BA200s my mind left me.

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