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Note 3 + Kunlun or X3

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first time poster, long time lurker.

I'm new to the portable audiophile thing, I must admit a whole new world opened since I started reading your discussions here, thank you for hours of interesting reading. Up until recently, I simply didn't listen to music outside of my home stereo setup, the quality being too awful.

As to my question, I got Sennheiser Momentums some time ago and I also own Samsung Note 3 N9005.
I'm relatively happy with Momentums + rooted Note 3 with Viper4Android + Neutron Player, but can't help wondering if the sound quality couldn't be improved further. I'm used to better sounding equipment than this.

Question is, should I buy the E18 Kunlun to complement my phone or is getting X3 a better idea?
I chose E18 and X3 based on what I read on this forum, once again - thank you all.
I wouldn't mind getting off the FiOO road if something at a similar price was suggested.

I like the idea of flexibility in using phone + amp/dac and the fact that I won't have to be caring yet another device ( I'm carrying 2 phones already) but if the audio quality of X3 was suggested as significantly better I'd have no problem with that. Hopefully someone herer has the expertise of having tried both approaches...
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E18 better than X3 in sound quality, but loss in the features. anyway, we don't suggest use X3 as DAC with Note3 cause it is not a practical combo and X3 will consume a lots of power from your Note3. 

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Thank you for your reply. I was thinking about using X3 as a stand-alone device. 

Sound quality for a reasonable price is all that matters to me, so I guess I'll order E18.

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