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I'm new in the head-fi forum but read some reviews for a while here. Now I need a little help regarding some decent in-ears from you. 


I like to listen to singer-songwriter music mostly with strong female voice. Recently I heard Amber Rubarth, BOY, Lissie, Sophie Hunger, Feist, Joss Stone, Adele.


At home I have a pair of B&W MM-1 on my Mac. I'm always thrilled about them. If you retain a near-field hearing position the vocals are super precise as is the whole retention. I like to achieve the same with in-ears. After reading lots of reviews I was just uncertain what I should by. So I just bought the Sennheiser CX 300 II to have something to listen to and to build a baseline for reference. At some review they where praised as good value in the low range. They are way better than the standard Apple thing which came with the iPhone 5 but I'm just not excited about them.


I like to put some money down on some decent in-ears as I did with the MM-1. The current model I hanging on are the UE 900. But I'm just not sure. Recently I read some critical things about 4-way BA's. Someone suggested that dynamic ones are better value and 4-way's are just to complex. I like to stay in the price range of the UE 900. I also like to use them stock on a iPhone with stock iTunes quality files. I do not plan to use a custom player and/or better quality files.


What would you suggest, considering my favor of the MM-1 and my music taste?


Many Thanks