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Hello folks.


I have a Schiit Modi + Magni, and listen to 24/96 audio with my HE-400 headphones. I'm thinking of buying the new Schiit Loki and trying out DSD64 sources (played with Audirvana). Do you think my amp and headphones (that is, Magni and HE-400), are resolving enough that it would be meaningful to take this step? Or would it be pointless, since DSD64 and 24/96PCM, for a given recording, are likely to be indistinguishable on a Magni+HE-400?


I'm confused, because it's possible that DSD only makes sense for people who own REALLY high-end gear like Senn HD800s / LCD3 / etc. If that is so, I won't buy the Loki.



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