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Hi, Canadian guy here.


I had the Monoprice 8350s, but my ears really don't play nice with them. They sounded a bit tinny, a bit hollow, and left my ears constantly bruised. So I've been looking at some comfy midrange multi-purpose IEMs.


Use cases:

I'll mostly be using these to listen to music off of my phone (Nexus 5) (no DAC/amp). I listen to a lot of electronic music. Here are some of the things that tend to trip up the Monoprices and the cheap stuff I had before those:

Chiptune/high pitches (sibilance? Tends to be rendered gratingly):

Heavy distortion/crunch (speed? YT is 'rounding off all the edges', and that's what it feels like on the old stuff):

Sub-bass (rumbles are cut-off or have no presence):

I'm also on the go a lot of the time, meaning these will end up being used as a substitute for my desktop headphones, so it's nice if they're tolerable for gaming.


So I filtered in-ear headphone list ( and the Flux seems to be a good balance. All the others are 100$ in Canada, but the Flux is 50$. Some of these other IEMs seem to be community favorites, like the RE-400s. Is there any reason not to get the Flux?