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My K701s were cutting in and out.  I received a cable from AKG and wanted to document the procedure to fix them in case anyone else runs into the same issue.  You need to be familiar with soldering and have a fairly steady hand to get into some small crevices. Make sure you read the whole thing before you get started.



1) Soldering iron (+ additional solder if you are bad like me)

2) SMALL (glasses size) philips (+) screwdriver

3) Some tape to make things easier (not strictly needed)

4) Needle nose pliers

5) This document, which shows the assembly of the headphones



1)  On the left earcup, use a pair of needle nose pliers to unscrew the outer plastic.  It looks like metal, but it's plastic and only needs to move about 10-15 degrees to unlock the piece.  We will be accessing the headphone from the OUTSIDE.

2)  Once that is done, we will remove the piece of plastic that says "Made in Austria" and "Reference headphones K701."  First, we need to unscrew it.  Use your tiny philips screwdriver to unscrew those two little screws.  Save them in a safe place!  They're easy to use.

3)  Removing the plastic piece in a single assembly is a toolless procedure.  It clicks in and snaps onto the grey handband plastic simultaneously.  Push it in on the sides to pull it out and pull it (hard) off of the headband.

4)  Now you have access to the main wiring (see below).  There are two inner wires and two outer.  The ordering is seen below if you forget to take a picture.  You can see that my problem was the white connection was severed.  

5)  Tip: Use the tape to lock the headphone into a position where it's touching the headband as closely as possible.  This will make accessing the outer cabling easier.  Not strictly needed.

6)  Use your soldering iron to remove each cable and rewire your new one in the same order.  See the image below if you forget to take a picture or write down the ordering

7)  Reassemble in reverse order from above



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