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Detachable Cabes

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So I was wondering, why would some manufacturers choose not to have detachable cables? It seems that it is not that costly to implement and it doesn't seem like there are any negative aspects.

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Connectors can affect sound quality, also the cable can be stronger without a connector. Take the beyerdynamic T1, no removable cable for a top tier headphone. But the cable is very thick and very strong. From the amp to the headphones it only passes one connector which is the jack, then the signal goes straight to the drivers.
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Cost is also a factor.  More connectors means more steps in the manufacturing process, which translates directly to fewer dollars/pounds/Euros/Yen/etc in profit.

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That's a bottleneck. A good connection is measured not by the strongest point, but the weakest link. Why use an expensive thick pure silver cable 99.99% if you have to solder a tin(often less conductive) connection 60/40?  

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