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Keeping it simple and short, I received a brand new HTC 8X in the mail yesterday. Everything really is great however to my surprise, these earphones that I have been using for a month or so do not seem to fit in to the jack on my phone.

These are the headphones, the Klipsch Image X10:
Both indeed have 3.5mm jacks, the phone and earbuds? I'm pretty sure? But for some odd reason, they do not seem to fit properly. By properly I mean this, they seem to be able to be pushed in to the phone about 75% of the way, and if I use force and almost jam them in, I can indeed listen to music, however it sounds pretty distorted and if I even move the phone slightly, the song I am listening to will cut out because they are loosely plugged in to the phone.
It's strange because when I use the same Klipsch earbuds with my computer, they plug in all the way just fine. But as soon as I attempt to plug them in to my Windows Phone, the same thing always happens. Some people have advised me to force them in until they fit, but this just seems entirely wrong as I do not want to break my brand new phone? Once again, they go in about 75% of the way and then it just feels like something is blocking it on the inside, almost like they are not the right size. I do not understand the problem, as this is supposed to be a great phone to listen to music with. Is this not a universal jack? 
Windows, you have failed me yet again. 
Please help. Thank you.