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I use my Maverick Audio A1 hybrid amp plugged into the headphone jack on my 13" 2011 Macbook Pro, and with my AKG K612 Pros as well as K702 65th Anniversaries and DT990 Pros seem to be erratically playing back a lot distortion that is not there on my music files, so I am in the market for a standalone DAC, since the A1 and AKGs don't seem to like the sound card built into my Mac or my Fiio E07K. I know the music files and amp are not at fault for the distortion, so I am pretty sure the weak link is the DAC.


I am looking for a good standalone DAC that can handle a good amount of bass and software EQing without distorting, and the Schiit Modi is at the top of my list since I just need a desktop DAC and do not want to spend more than 200 dollars. 


Does anyone know if the Modi is a good choice for under 200? 

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