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I'd like a new headphone amp, but my main requirement is for it to have a pan/balance control with a 1/2 dB or finer step (if it is discrete).  I'm driving Denon AH-D2000's and Sennheiser HD-580's.  I don't need anything amazing, I just would like an amp that can drive them well enough with that left-right control.  A DAC would be nice, but not at all necessary.  I'd like to spend $300 or less.  I'd prefer solid state over tubes.  I'm currently using a Corda HA-1 Mk1 that I am happy with except for that lack of balance control.  


I tried searching for older threads, but only found two from




The Mapletree mentioned in the 2007 thread looks too pricy for me and the 2009 thread was left sorta unresolved, and new stuff can come out in 4 years.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.