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Cable question

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What gauge 3.5mm to rca cables do you use for computer audio? Any benefit to anything better than 22 awg?

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Here is what I made/use...
2 twisted pairs of CAT6...
I've also made a set from WiFi antenna extension cable...solid copper core and braided aluminum ground/shield. Both sound good to me!
If someone hooked me up with boutique, $400 interconnects and I could hear the difference, then I might splurge on some better cable...
Something like this takes some careful testing/auditioning.

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When one is dealing with line-level signals over typical lengths of cable, it's certainly not considered critical to have a large gauge, although one may prescribe to stranded rather than solid depending on their tastes.


You may find more comfort in researching the make-up of the connector itself, making sure the body is made of a quality material such as brass, copper or even something more exotic--the plating is also important. (eww, no nickel please)  But once one starts down this path, they begin worrying about the jack, the internal wiring and termination, etc.  Never-ending stoooooooryyy, ahhh.. oops, sorry


Oh, I try to use at least 22-gauge, but 24 seems more common.  If I make one, I tend to use 16-18 gauge stranded.

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