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You don't read signatures much do you?

TTpod or Tenore?
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They actually sound very similar, but I would say TTPOD because it has better build, sound performance they're on the same level I believe, though maybe the T1E may have a slight edge. 

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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

They actually sound very similar, but I would say TTPOD because it has better build, sound performance they're on the same level I believe, though maybe the T1E may have a slight edge. 

Just clicked buy on amazon for the silver gray one just cuz it was the first one that popped up beerchug.gif
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I have to say my Quadbeat 2 is one of my favorite IEMs under 50$. It actually gets equal listening time along with my VSD1S. And for good reason. Cue review (written quite a while back ~Jan but never posted):


LG Quadbeat 2 : How do you like them treble!


Packaging and Build:
As I haven't bought them separately, they came in a small plastic packet(tips separate) bundled with my LG G2. There is a slightly pricier Special edition available on eBay. But I have no clue about the difference.
The finish and build quality is really impressive. The back half of the main housing is machined out of aluminium and has the same feel as the RE400 back-plate. Has a flat Y split rubber cable ending in an L plug. The strain reliefs are adequate and the cable feels sturdy and flexible enough to be worn over ear. Mic and volume controls feature on the left split at a perfect height.
Overall the build surpasses all the bundled headsets I've seen and 'some' 99$ iems too :p.

Accessories and comfort:


Comes with standard S,M,L silicone tips.

Isolation is above average(with the right fit).
I still have a tough time getting a good fit. The nozzles are too short and overly angled for my ears. But I've gotten used to the 3 step procedure to get a good fit.

PS: This might not be the case with everyone. Some of you who own the QB2 might be wondering what I'm on about.


The treble is special. It's not as smooth as the RE400 but not sharp enough to irritate me(I like my treble very smooth). Suppose you're listening to a track,and you know when(in the track) a crescendo of potentially sibilant treble will hit. Judging from the treble sparkle and clarity in the rest of the track you scrunch your eyes in anticipation. But it doesn't happen.
"In-perfect-measure" should sum that up  It somehow manages to sing without ever getting sibilant. They're like safety scissors. Can go to town on paper and keeps those stupid children from using themselves as craft material.
Now do I like it enough to prefer it over the smooth RE400 treble? ....nnngh.. No. I cannot say that. I love how the RE400 treble sits back and does its thing with aplomb. I don't feel like the QB2 is giving me any more detail. But it emphasizes the same details I get from the RE400. I guess I'm just not a treble head.....yet. In this phase of my audiophile journey, I'm a basshead partially converted to a mid-head.:D
But there is a scenario where I'd reach for the QB2. I do like the way it shreds through EDM and trance. This kind of music calls for some bite and more-than-needed clarity which the QB2 does deliver. The RE400 with its sub-bass roll off and smooth treble cannot cut it.
Overall, I'm very impressed with the detail and airiness in the highs. They don't sound like a budget pair at all.

The mids are nothing to write home about(blame the RE400). But they complement the excellent treble well. I don't seem to be getting all the details as I do from my RE400. Also there's a lack of overall dynamics. I haven't listened to enough music to nitpick but I expect them to handle most of it well enough.
The soundstage is quite good(with the right fit). It conveys a good sense of space that feels dry and empty sometimes. However, it is much much wider than it is deeper.
The sub-bass is controlled and unobtrusive. The sub-bass is right up my alley when it comes to presence and rumble. I wish I could copy and paste it onto the RE400. I don't feel as if it has changed much with burn in. Any perceived difference could be a side effect of the slightly better control in the mid-bass.
The mid-bass feels ill placed. Like a block that's important but doesn't fit. Like it was added as an afterthought. I can't put a finger on it. It can punch with authority but doesn't sit well with the rest of the spectrum. Has the burn-in cured the eccentric mid-bass? Well....no. But it has certainly tried. The mid-bass is slightly well behaved now. It still feels misplaced to me. But it isn't as frown-worthy as before.


Does a simple EQ fix it?

I had no hope out of the box. As my gripe was not limited to the quantity.
I tried a narrow(later wider) drop of around 5-6dB in the 100-125Hz region.
What's happening here? o_O I found myself paying more attention to the differences I felt in the upper midrange and treble. It felt like the midbass vibrations were limiting the driver's capability. I really didn't expect the EQ to cause such a global change. The mid-bass didn't gain as much control as I would have liked. It continued to do its thing albeit in a more subdued way(good enough for me). The upper mids stepped forward a bit(no complaints, I actually welcomed it as the treble was hogging the sig).
Much to my disappointment, the treble would occasionally step out of line. And 'occasionally' became 'often' with EDM and its associated genres(the one thing it did better than my RE400s). Don't get me wrong, the treble isn't peaky at all. It just isn't to my personal liking. There may be many who will rave about "the awesome boost in treble".
Overall, this does flatten out the V quite a bit.(maybe an extra -dB or two on the mid-bass). What I felt like I ended up with is an occasional....."nike logo" like response(Sorry, I don't know what it's called)

So, I had a choice. Either leave that mid-bass alone. Or risk the adventurous treble. But "neutral" isn't my aim anyway. I have my RE400 for that. So, I used a modest 3.5 dBdrop(for EDM and associated genres, 4.5+/-1dB for everything else). The mid-bass doesn't bother me much and I'm happy with the treble.

I'm glad I have my LG G2, as on-the-fly EQing is such a breeze.
And lo and behold, I can preset EQs for specific songs/albums with PowerAmp.

So everything kind of works out(in a sad kind of way) :sorry:

Conclusion :

The Quadbeat 2 is excellent, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I say this because most of my issues are quite personal and may not be the case for everyone. It is incredible what 30$ can get you these days. And more importantly, the effort being put into a 30$ product.

Thanks for bearing with me :writing:

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they have more forward mids and vocal that the sony live sound. Just if they have the deep bass of the sony will be awsome

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