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Hello, everyone


Happy Thanksgiving to those who are in Canada.


I have question regarding my very first hi-fi audio setup.

I've been using 2.1 computer speakers system for a very long time now. I get used to the sound of it. And now I want to upgrade my music experience to a new level.


I'm currently using a macbook pro which most of my music played through it.


So I've been looking into this topic for the last few days now. I have 2 items in mind, which are a DAC and a pair of bookshelf speaker.

I already bought a DAC, which is:


Topping TP30


and the bookshelf speakers I want to get is:


Yamaha NS-PB110 - the main reason I want this pair is the color suit my room


So these are 2 items I have in my mind so far. Both of them costs me around $170 which fits my budget that below $200. 


I need to know your opinion on this setup.


Are they good for a beginner player like me? 

Is there any other recommendation?

What kind of cables do I need to buy so I can hook the speakers to the DAC?

Since the speakers don't have power supply, will it work with my setup?


Thank you! :)