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Hey Guys,

Was scouring the forums for some advice, but most of the IEM's I couldn't find in Canada. I basically listen to a lot of EDM / Electronic music as well as some occasional rock, so looking for something with good bass. 

I currently have the Miles Davis Trumpets w/ Foam Tips and they aren't bad, as well as the Shure SE215's. Basically the Shure's died and the noise on the Miles Davis can be infuriating at times. 

Ideally, the TF10's are pretty good, but I can't find them anywhere other than Ebay.

Was hoping someone could suggest a good IEM with the following requirements:

Cable/Monitor must be very good quality (A bit of a gym rat as well) 

Less than or around $200 (I wouldn't mind spending a bit more if it'll sound better than the Shure's)