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The more I listen to this headphone the more I like it. I have owned the 1R twice, the 2nd time I missed the cup and both times I ended up selling or returning it. The 10R on the other hand seems to have a better signature for me.

I tried it with a Cayin C5 amp last night and that combination was simply magic and I love the cable free use out and about. The BT model just offers an amazing combination of freedom and excellent mid-fi sound for a very reasonable price.

I also think it's as comfortable the 1R at least for my ears while being more compact and portable.
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I've only heard the 10RC and I thought it sounded pretty good. I didn't get the impression of overwhelming bass as mentioned by lachlanlikesathing but that was for the 10R.

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Absolutely fabulous headphones the comfort, fit, style and sound is outstanding. All the sound frequencies are balanced and very richmaking music, movies and games sound so stellar. I have use beyerdinamics, koss, akg, sennheiser and sony headphones and these hold their own against all those other brands. I must say these are not bass heavy these have a very pleasing sound that I truly like. 5/5
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