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Introduction for faylo - St. Louis, MO USA

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Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself.  I like all kinds of music but predominately it is Rock & Roll.  I've had various sets of headphones and iem's over the years and I simply enjoy the paraphernalia of it all.  I started out in the late 1970's with a set of Koss Pro 4AA and I only wish I knew where they went.  Those cans introduced me to accurate reproduction of musical material and I used them for years until I got tired of being tethered.


In the late 1980's I took a job that required much travel and on the planes I used a Motorola CD player with the standard ear buds.  Those ear buds were quite painful and I gave up on portable music for a few years until a trip to Hong Kong in 1996.  I traveled to Hong Kong with my wife to meet her family and I brought the CD player and small selection of CD's.  As a parting gift, my wife's nephew (I guess he's also mine.:) gave me a Sony D-777 CD player and a pair of the MDR-D77 headphones.  I had no idea how nice those things were until the flight home. That rig really helped out as I had picked up a case of the flu on my last day there.  Between the many visits to the bathroom during the 15+ hour flight, I listened to some of the best sounding headphones I had ever encountered.  I used that setup for several years at the office and when traveling.  I still have them but like most folks, the ear pads are shot.


On another trip to Hong Kong in 2008, I picked up a set of Sony iem's that have an outboard driver.  These sound really good but maybe a little too much bass.  I still use these but my ears sweat and after just a couple of hours and I can't get them to stay in.  Especially if I am chewing or drinking.  The jaw action just pushes them out.  Due to that I started looking for a set of over the ears type of cans to use when I am in the office.  Not wanting to have a lot of money invested in something that I will leave at the office, I started looking.  I found this site and the highly recommended Monoprice 8323's.  At less than $25 and since I need some cables for other things, I ordered a set.  I was impressed with these out of the box and especially after some mods that I read about here,  I pretty much use these everyday when I am in the office and am satisfied with them.


Now, we are looking into another trip to HK and I am investigating picking up another set of cans and I am using this site to investigate.  I also enjoy the worldwide nature of this site.




P.S. My username is the phonetic pronunciation of fat man in Cantonese.  My mother in law gave me that name and I am honored to be called such.

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Welcome sir! I'm from the St. Louis area as well so its good to see another person in the area enjoying the forums too. 

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