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I live in the UK in a flat (apartment) and have a pretty good set up (I'm referring to my speaker gear, TEAC P/70 and D/70 Transport and DAC, Son of Ampzilla amp) which includes a Shunyata Hydra power conditioner.


My domestic electric supply consists of one fuse box with several circuits running from it. One circuit supplies all the plug sockets, including the Hydra, except the kitchen which has a separate circuit on which the fridge is connected (other circuits supply the lights and bathroom etc.).


I live on my own so the only item on the h-fi's circuit is the DVD player whose clock is running, but nothing else.


In the light of all this, if I were to have a dedicated electric circuit for my hi-fi, perhaps with better cable and sockets, would I be likely to get a sonic improvement.


I ask this because most books or experts say 'yes' but then they explain that it is at least partly because things like fridges and other appliances are on the same circuit, and are going on and off, which is not the case with me. I'm also assuming that higher grade hi-fi gear will have had more attention paid to its power supply.