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So, being someone that works with music, plays games and just spends more than 12 hours a day all on the computer, I always have my headphones on, with an antlion modmic attached to the side of it. It's been great for so many years, but recently; the hair where the headphones rest on the top of my head have been falling out, and on top of that, all the hair around it has been extremely frizzy. Talk about unnecessary. Due to this, and my fear of balding, I'd love to transition to in-ears, but I'm not entirely sure what steps to take to make sure I'll get everything I need out of them. My current setup consists of my Sennheiser HD280s, which go into my Focusrite Saffire Pro (Audio Interface for my music), and have my antlion modmic attached to the side of the cans, which go directly into the back panel of my mobo. I'm looking for in-ears that would give me good sound, and be comfortable being in my ears for the majority of the day and night. The only worry is I'm not entirely sure how I would go about using my modmic with said in-ears. Should I look for a 'headset'-like inear with a microphone included? ..or should I be looking for an alternative to my modmic so I can have access to a comfortably positioned microphone during my hours of use?


Any advice would be great. Thank you.


TLDR; Used headset for 12+ hours a day for years. Place where headphones rest losing hair. Looking to get in-ears and somehow incorporate a microphone into its usage (I have a modmic with my current pair of headphones). Any advice would be fantastic.



Budget: I'd prefer not to spend too much over $100. I'd like to hit a 'sweet spot' for the value of my IEMs. If something will get me a mile worth of many-hours-per-day quality of life usability, I don't mind spending the money for it, but otherwise I'd like to keep it around or below $100USD.

Preferred music style: I generally do a lot of classical, metal, and some electronica. Generally metal. I also watch anime a lot on my machine.

No need for portability, generally speaking-- although it won't hurt.

Current equipment: Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 / Sennheiser HD280 / Antlion Modmic 3.0

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