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Hello, Head-Fi'ers!


I did a rather glowing review of the PX 100-II a few days ago. To those who haven't read, I had these bad boys for almost 10 months now. I can say that this pair marked the end of my search for the best budget OPEN ultraportable. However, I find myself craving for a pair that can cut out outside noise; something that's useful for commutes. I currently have the CX 200 in ears, but I ain't using them recently; IEMs sound small to me, but it might be that I was spoiled by the somewhat big(ger) sound of the PX.


Now, back to topic, as the title suggests, I'm looking for the Isolating PX 100-II; something that sounds like the PX 100-II, or very close. IEM suggestions are still very welcome (I'm actually looking into the MH1C, as that doubles as a headset for my Xperia L).


I'd really prefer a portable pair, like the PX, but flat-folding ain't bad either. I'm also hoping for a price along/less than the MSRP of the PX.


Aside from the MH1C, I also checked the AKG K518LE (on sale in my area) and the JVC FXC51.