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JBL J55 vs V-moda M-80

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I thought my JBL portables sounded damned good since the day I purchased them.  Until!!! I bought the M-80s on sale at Radio Shack the other day.  Thanks for the tip! Whomever gave it to us here on Head-Fi.  Turns out to be the best deal I have ever gotten in my entire life.  Anyhow, onto the comparison between the two headphones. 


First of all the JBL J55:


Accessories: Carry pouch, proprietary removable headphone cable, and a shirt clip

Build:     Pleather ear pads and head pad, headphone is entirely plastic except for metal accents on the back of the ear    

             cups. Headphones feel very solid.  The earcups also fold up 180 deg. for DJing and for storage.

Sound:  Treble - Not very forward, kind of recessed

             Mids -  Pretty strong with good clarity

             Bass -  Powerful, yet not overwhelming.....more mid-bass than low subwoofer type bass.

             Overall the J55s are a warm sounding headphone with more of a flat response than a V-shape.  The soundstage

             is also not very wide.



V-Moda M-80


Accessories: Nice hard carry case, Two removable headphone cables (one for droid, one for iphone), a belt clip for case, shirt clip

Build:            Nice metal cups with memory foam earpads, damn near indestructible headband.  Solid and build like a tank. 

Sound:          Treble - Strong and extremely clear, no sibilance that I can detect.

                     Mids -  Clear and balanced with the treble, I can hear instruments that disappeared with the JBLs

                     Bass - Powerful, deep and not muddy at all.  You can actually feel the thunder when the bass hits.

                   Overall these headphones have a bit more of a V shape signature, yet not out of this world like Beats.  These cans have a wide soundstage and almost have a surround effect, yet not quite that exaggerated.



Value:           J55s at $80 is a great deal for the accessories and the warm balanced sound you get.

                    M-80s at $40 on sale is the deal of the century. 


Overall:         I thought the J55s sounded really good until I heard the M-80s.  I heard instruments and sounds in music that I didnt even know existed.  The M-80s reproduce everything so well.  They are powerful, clear, and a very fun headphone to listen to.  I highly recommend these cans to anyone at the retail price, at the $40 price I recommend buy all that you can get your hands on.  Great, great headphone........the absolute best Ive ever owned for sure. 

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so, i was considering buying the JBLs off of amazon(third party for $43) since i checked these out at office depot in person yesterday and liked them. came on to see the reviews and am wondering, where on earth did u find the m80s for $40 on sale? they were in the low 100 when i checked these out at radio shack last yr(comparing to skullcandy aviators, had a gift code for $100 on skull candy so i went with those). if you happen to recall, could you forward me the info?


Yes, i also agree that the treb wasnt that striking on the j55. the bass, which is what i am currently looking for, was precise and clean.

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