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Last week, I set aside money for a CIEM ($1300 ought to be enough for a UERM) and purchased a Hifi M8, which should arrive by the end of the week after next. The M8 will be great as a desktop/transportable rig, but for true on the go use, I will need something to help the IPC's pitiful little amp along. My budget is $500, but, at the moment, the $190 JDS Labs C5 seems to be the most attractive amp for sensitive headphones -- and, to be completely honest, I doubt that I could judge a more expensive amp built for the same purpose to be superior.

These are the three requirements for "candidate" amps:
1. It needs to be slim. I'm not a cargo-pants kind of guy who shoves all kinds of gear in his pockets -- I want the IPC and amp to comfortably fit in a tight jeans pocket.
2. Digital volume control is a must to ensure proper playback at lower levels.
3. A rechargeable/easily replaceable battery that is able to match the IPC or get around 10 hours on a charge would be wonderful. I don't listen to music 10 hours straight, but, I don't always remember to charge my entire collection of gadgets.

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Try the Headstage Arrow 4G. Really slim and portable.


The Ibasso D42 is a good choice too.,

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I'll be using this with the IPC--wouldn't the DAC stage of the DB42 be a bit redundant? I already have a good DAC for my home setup, and, AFAIK, iBasso's DACs are not compatible with iDevices.

I looked at getting the Arrow 4G, but users' reports of channel imbalance at low listening levels due to the analog potentiometer put me off. If I were to purchase a sealed, over ear headphone for portable use, the arrow would definitely top my list.
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Just get a DX50. It will probably sound better than a IPC with a C5. 

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Originally Posted by lin0003 View Post

Just get a DX50. It will probably sound better than a IPC with a C5. 
I'll just put off my amp purchase until I can try out the DX50. I have a feeling you'll be right.
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