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Also found that the P7s scale very well indeed.  It's actually hard to go back to going straight out of the iPhone/Ipod jack after using a good portable dac/amp (in my case the Fostex HP-P1) or a good desktop amp & dac (for me that's the Schiit Asgard II & Modi).  


During the times when I have used the P7s with only the iPhone or iPod i've found that they can be fairly revealing of poor quality audio files, with AIFF ripped from CDs sounding good, while Spotify can sound pretty ropey on certain tracks.  


Despite using the "Extreme" quality option for Spotify (320kbps) , it sounds like (and has been inferred by others) that many of the tracks are lesser quality that has been upscaled.  The P7 is definitely capable of highlighting these differences, so my suggestion would be to, first and foremost, use the best possible quality audio files you can.  


After that it's just a case of how far you want to take the P7s with extra gear, as KLJTech has rightly said. 


All the best, 



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I swapped my P7's out at Best Buy today.  I had spent $8 of my 4 year warranty, so I had to pay that much to re-up for another 4 years.  I just fell in love again after listening to them for an hour or so.  I did notice what looks like a minor cosmetic/construction change; the leather on the back of the cup has more of a leather texture to it than just being smooth.  I also remember the metal grill under the ear pads being only the shape you saw inside, while this time it appears to all be metal with felt glued to it where the pad attaches.


While I was at Best Buy I listened to some V-Moda M100's and really liked the sound.  After getting back to the office and seeing them for $50 cheaper on Amazon I was tempted, but the ear pad was slightly small and my ear didn't fit completely inside it like it does the P7.  Does anyone have any feedback on the P7 compared to the Sony Z7, Shure SRH1540 or the Denon D600?

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Originally Posted by adg4 View Post

I am looking for a set of wired closed headphones, price =<$500, with great build quality. When I say good build quality, I mean metal, lack of pleather, strong adjusters and hinges, etc. Some of the options I've looked at are the P7's, BeoPlay H6, Shure SRH1540, and Momentums over-ear (the original model was too small for my ears, but the M2 looks promising).

Anyway, the P7's seem to have top-notch build quality, are attractive, and people say the audio quality is great. I demoed the P7s for a few minutes at an Apple store earlier today, but the only option I had was to play music off the iPod touch the headphones were connected to. The headphone cable is fed through a crack in the table, and a cable is then connected to the iPod touch through the lightning port. I didn't want to ask an Apple employee to unplug the headphones.

This brings me to my question(s). Does anyone know the quality of music Apple puts on their demo devices? I'm guessing no one will know, whether they're using mid quality files or Apple lossless. Also, would that really make much of a difference when demoing? Finally, is there reason to believe that the sound quality through the iPod touch will be decently inferior compared to my lossless music collection and Fiio E10k/laptop or Sansa Clip+ setups? I listened to a Muse song from the iPod, which is a band I really like, but I'm trying to figure out if I'm really hearing the P7s potential. The headphones sounded nice anyway during the short time I tested them, but I'm curious if anyone thinks I'd hear a noticeable improvement using my own setup.

Your profile does not say where you live but in the UK it is easy enough to remove the headphone jack from the iPod and insert it in my own iPhone. I even tried out my USB hub / dragonfly solution in every type of iPhone / iPad the other day without the staff raising so much as an iBrow (eyebrow). That being said I have the following comments.

1. The sound from the iPod touch isn't to my taste. It sounds brighter / harsher than my iPhone 5.
2. Demo'ing headphones in an Apple store isn't very productive. Too much background noise for a start. Buy some, directly or online, and take advantage of a store's 14 or 30 day return policy.
3. I have owned the P7 for just over a year and think they are brilliant. But everyone's ears are made differently.
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Thanks for all the replies!


At this point I think I'm going to wait a few weeks to see how the Momentum 2's fair, then probably compare them side by side with the P7.


Also, it seems like the P7s never go on sale. I'm guessing B&W sets the pricing for B&W dealers. Does anyone know if that's the case?

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Yep. In the UK I have never noticed any recognised dealer drop more than 99 pence below the recommended retail price.
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Bought a pair of B&W P7's today for $350 AUD discounted down from the $549 rrp which was a steal. First impressions is that the signature is warm, fun and definitely to my liking. I've only had them running off my desktop setup (wa7 +wa7tp + Beresford Bushmaster) and will try them on my LG G3 later today as they'll most likely be used for travel and for the office.


They are not audiophile quality but are a nice change from HD800's. Kinda reminds me of my old HD600's with smaller soundstage.

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What amp/dac are you guys using with the p7s?

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Originally Posted by rick216 View Post

What amp/dac are you guys using with the p7s?

None, very easy to drive from included amps in Fiio X5 and iBasso DX90.
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I use it with my Fiio X1 at work. I've tried it on my home rig but the difference is minimal to nill--the P7 sounds great either way.

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I use it with audio engine d1.
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Apex glacier here, sounds reasonably similar as it does with just the headphone out from my nexus 5. Sound seems and a bit tighter and cleaner though. Also seems to be a tiny bit more detailed too as I've noticed far more issues with songs (static from bad mastering or recordings and such) than I have from just my nexus 5.


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Originally Posted by rick216 View Post

What amp/dac are you guys using with the p7s?

Often straight in to my iPhone 5. Mostly via an HRT Streamer so I can get identical sound from any mobile device. Straight in to my Asus Essence ST soundcard.
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I'm absolutely satisfied with sound of P7+X3 combination. However, I still hope there will be a significant difference in sound of P7 + Fiio X7. :)

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Originally Posted by Heroes Killer View Post

I'm absolutely satisfied with sound of P7+X3 combination. However, I still hope there will be a significant difference in sound of P7 + Fiio X7. :)


I can tell you that I too enjoy the P7's with the X3 (and E12A) but you can certainly hear the difference when you switch the source gear over to the Gungnir and Asgard 2. I'm very happy with the sound I get via the X3 & P7's but, they scale very well and as you use better gear you'll pick up details you probably didn't hear before or they'll be more apparent, plus you'll find yourself enjoying the music that much more. 

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