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Which IEM for me? (~$50) SOLVED

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I recently purchased Sleek Audio SA1 from Amazon for $40. I loved the sound of those but there was an issue that I couldn't get them to stay in my ears properly so I had to return them. They had such a lovely unique sound that I liked a lot. There wasn't huge bass but mid-bass was more than awesome, mid range and treble had a great detail. Soundstage in SA1 was also very good for me. SA1 had switchable bass/treble ports and I used the bass ports. Therefore, I wish to get something close to their sound.


Currently I listen through Brainwavz Beta and their sound is OK, but the SA1 was so much better that I am seeking for an upgrade. Brainwavz Beta's sound is too mid-based for me, bass and treble are both very limited on them. I have also had Bose IEMs but they were worse than Apple Earpods for me. I remember I have had some ~$50 Marley earbuds and some cheap Logitech Ultimate Ears too but either of them haven't been too satisfying. I listen directly from iPod Classic's headphone port and I don't really care if the headphones have mic/controls or not.


I have no idea what could have made SA1 so unique and great for me. Could it be the 6mm driver since it is only IEM with 6mm driver that I have heard?


Only suggestion for myself I have JBuds J6M because of their 6mm drivers and similar shape to SA1 but I cannot find any reputable review for those.

( http://www.amazon.com/JBuds-Fidelity-Ergonomic-Earbuds-Headphones/dp/B005VEZ54Q )



Anyone have more suggestions for me? I listen mostly electronic and pop music.




In the end, I ended up with Monster iSport Livestrong earphones. I can get comfortable fit with them without using the SportClips at all, and the sound is good enough for me. They are pretty bassy, and I like the big bass of these, mids are good too, highs are a little lacking but still decent. I think I will go with these for a while now. :) 

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Brainwavz M5


Very best,

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Brainwavz M5 looks like a good option. I wonder how Brainwavz M5 compare with Brainwavz R1, which is in same price point, but has dual dynamic drivers? Brainwavz M4 is only $10 more to M5, is it worthy upgrade?

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I found new IEMs for my consideration, MEElectronics A151. Found multiple glowing reviews around internet and balanced armature technology is very interesting to me. 




Anyone got thoughts about these?

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I'm now wondering between Brainwavz R1, MEElectronics A151 or A161.


I'm listening mostly electronic or pop music. Anyone got any idea which one should I choose? 



E: I got good deal on A161 in Amazon Warehouse Deals so I placed an order, I wish they are at least near as good as I hope for. I will post later how I like them. :regular_smile :

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Try checking out this IEM shootout by CLieOS:




SoundMAGIC PL-50/ E-30 are other good options

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I don't like the sound of MEElectornics A161 too much. Soundstage is really tiny and bass is very weak in these, a lot weaker than Sleek Audio SA1. Mids and highs are clear and good though, and the build quality on A161 seems to be pretty good. I return A161 to Amazon upcoming week. 


I really like the spreadsheet that zamorin posted, seems to be really helpful. I checked out and Brainwavz M5 is on really good spot there too. Therefore, I just ordered Brainwavz M5 and Monster Gratitude (since they are up there for really good price). I will compare these and hopefully either one of them is good for me. 

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Woah, you ordered 2 IEM's?:o How much did you get them for?

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Total price for both was $87.76 (M5 $36.5, Gratitude $51.26). I like Amazon because I can just return either one I like less with no questions asked. :)

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