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Westone 4r + Ipod classic?

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Good evening, 

Now I have ipod classic ( alac) + westone 4r

So, I am in strong doubt, is it worth to change the ipod for something else?

Next week I'm going for Listening and I need your advise. I've listened westone 4r with hifiman 602, but I am not impressed with it, sincerely I don't like this player.  

To what worth listening to? Or it completely useless with westone?

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Definitely worth the change to a higher end DAP. After listening to my 4R with an AK120 (don't own one myself) and just now a DX50, I've found a new appreciation for my Westones. It just brings them to a new level. Don't give up on them just yet.

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Thank you! So, ak100 I think suits for this headphones?

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Definitely! This post taken from the 'Pictures of your portable rig' thread:


Originally Posted by psion84 View Post

My revamped rig. just love the portability and sound!:) used to own the DX100. amazing DAP, but the battery life and size just didnt come to terms with my priorities as my job requires me to travel often. :( i normally just pack the W4 and ak100 on the go and use them with an amp at the office/home.




Perhaps you could ask this user for more detailed information. I've only had brief listening time with both, but they suit quite well from memory.

You could also look into the iBasso DX50. Sounds just as good for half the price.

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Cowon Z2 + W4R is a great combo. The Z2 has many eq settings to play with if you dont like it without.

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