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  To whom it may concern:


    (Whomever wishes to povided suggestions...)


  My girlfriend owns an I-phone, I-5 model, (no, not the latest model I-6 model...), and wishes to improve on the sound quality out of it of music to which she


1. Any suggestions regarding reasonably low cost/(best bang for the buck), portable D/A converters that will interface well with her I-phone...?


2. What adapter cord/connection will she need to purchase to connect the outboard D/A converter to her phone?


3. What are the best "bang for the buck" portable headphone amps out there...("Electric Avenue", FiiO model suggestions?)


4. Is a portable combination D/A converter/headphone amp. a "better bang for the buck"...and if so, what would you suggest?


5  I currently own/use Senn. HD650's as well as V-Moda M 100's, however, for her I-phone based music system, what "best bang for the buck" headphones do you suggest? (ear cannal, on the ear, over the ear, open or closed back designs all open for consideration...)


Thank you in advance for your assistance!



T.A Kogstrom      

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