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Hi All,

Looking for some good advice on suitable headphones for a Chord Electronics Toucan I have just purchased (awaiting its arrival in next day or so) linked to a Chord Electronics Qute DAC linked to a Macbook Pro Retina running Audivana + software. 


I bought last year some Grado PS1000's but could only live with them for less than 3 weeks as I found them uncomfortable due to their heavy weight.  


I have a pair of Senn HD 25-1-II to get me by for now but I am guessing these won't be good enough to get the best out of the Toucan and Qute DAC.


I am currently considering following open backs;

Senn HD 600 

Senn HD 650

Audeze LCD2 Rev 2


I am not currently considering the Senn HD800's as I have read that these can be a bit bright and also heard that the Toucan can also be a bit bright.  The Qute DAC is also very revealing.  So I guess a headphone with a bit of a dark sound will march with the Toucan and Qute.   Grado's are also not being considered due to PS1000 experience.   Also had a pair of 325's for about a week and I also found them very uncomfortable.   


I listen to all kinds of music but Rock (Pink Floyd, Led Zepp being top of the list), Pop (whole spectrum), Motown and R&B I listen to the most.  


I currently have a high end Chord Electronics Choral system linked to Focal Electra BE1038's so I am used to listening to high quality music with good detail and a nice deep warm but detailed bass.  



p.s  Apologies for long email.