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Hey guys,


   As the title suggests, i'm debating whether or not to invest in a DAC or just continue using my laptop's on-board sound card. 


I just recently decided to purchase a set of Swan's M200MkII's for personal/desktop use, and i wanted to make sure that i would be getting the most out of those speakers. Now if money was a non-issue, then i would definitely invest in a DAC regardless of whether of not my sound card is decent for the sole benefits of having a separate sound card. BUT, since money is an issue, so is purchasing a DAC...


   Sooooo, with all of that said, what are your guys' opinions? Would a $150 DAC make enough of a difference in sound quality to make the purchase worth it, or is what i've got good enough on a set of Swan MkII's?


EDIT: $150 would be the absolute max i could possibly spend on a DAC...i'm already pushing it to buy the Swan's in the first place tongue.gif.