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Beyer T5P Amp Tests

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I'm sitting here with the Beyer T5P along with a Burson Conductor, a Grace m903, a rMBP, and an Apogee Duet.


I cannot find one combination that sounds even the slightest bit different than the other. 


I've been A/B'ing all of the amps for a few days now and I really don't even see a difference in sound quality between the Burson Conductor and the regular headphone jack on my laptop. The only thing that's different is that the Burson can push the volume louder. However, the laptop output can already push the volume so loud that you'd be in pain were you to listen for more than a few seconds. Same with the other amps.


These amps were for another test I did in another thread with Audeze and HD800. I am going to return them. But, I was considering getting a small portable amp for the T5P. However, if these $2k amps can't even make a difference at all in the T5P then why would I even spend a nickel trying to use an external amp? I know there are quite a few well recommended portable amps around here, but if the m903 and Conductor can't make a difference, do you honestly believe that anything will?


I'm not unhappy at all with the T5P sound, I'm just wondering what gives? I'm trying not to fall victim to marketing hype here...

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Ain't nobody don't got no nothing t'say? atsmile.gif

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You have answered your own question.  Amp = wire with gain.


You have busted one of the biggest audio shams of the universe.  Grab a couple of aftermarket cables and head off to the science forum.


PS:  Do not state that all DACs sound the same, and that 1010001001110000 is the same data regardless of what DAC it goes through.


  Now you have to find a new hobby.










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What's the big deal with after market cables? That seems like just the same sort of myth that all the links you just gave me were talking about.


What's wrong with BeyerDynamic's cables?

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Thanks for the informative reply rolleyes.gifPatronizing people isn't cool. 

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I had a similar experience with the Beyer T90s. I've never heard a headphone before that is so amp agnostic. It even sounded good out of my Sansa Fuze(though not as detailed or dynamic). It's probably to be expected with one of their portable cans to some degree but it was a real surprise with the 90s. It's the only full-size I've heard that sounded good directly on the Sansa.

On the other hand the Ultrasone PRO2900 were the most amp dependent cans I've owned. The mids were so recessed on the Sansa that the vocals were near inaudible. Contrary to popular belief impedance doesn't tell you everything.
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